Boudoir Portraits

It's the hot new trend in wedding gifts from the bride to her groom. These beautiful, sensual portraits also make the perfect anniversary or birthday gift. Our Boudoir Collections typically take about 4 to 6 weeks for production, so be sure to set up your appointment in time to meet your special occasion deadline.

St. Louis Boudoir by The Studio


What do you get for the man (or woman) who has everything?

A romantic, sexy or sensual portrait of his (or her) sweetheart, of course!

Nothing makes a more personal gift than beautiful boudoir photos. And choosing the right boudoir photographer makes all the difference.

Boudoir photography requires a specially trained eye and a specific skill set. That's where the staff at The Studio comes in.

We understand the level of privacy and confidence that you will need to create beautiful boudoir portraits. Our staff is expereinced at everything you will need to feel and look amazing: hairstyling and makeup, wardrobe consultation, flattering lighting and posing and digital retouching to make those "imperfections" you worry about disappear.

Call us to view a private online gallery of boudoir photos. Let us show you how we have made regular people...just like you...look incredible! Of course, all of our images in our galleries are of actual clients, who have given their permission for their images to be used.

And take beautiful boudoir pictures, you don't have to be a centerfold. We'll just make you look like you are!

If you are interested in more detailed information about St. Louis Boudoir by The Studio, click here to visit our All-Boudoir website.


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